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Relaxation, regeneration, recreation

Massages in Lech am Arlberg

The pleasant effects of massages are as diverse as the various massage techniques. Look forward to different massages which have positive effects on the skin, connective tissue and muscles thanks to stretch, pull and pressure stimulus.

The massage has not only positive effects on the treated body part but also on the whole organism and mind. Allow yourself a very special relaxation experience and let yourself be pampered from head to toe by our professional masseuse.

Massages in Lech - heavenly relaxing

Gotthard Wellness

Partial massage

Whether you wish to have a neck, back or leg massage – we individually adapt our massage to your personal needs and wishes.

25 min. € 55,-

Sports massage

This classic Swedish massage is a pleasant and effective feel-good technique and it's especially suitable for skiers in form of an anti-fatigue massage to enable a rapid regeneration. Thanks to several anti-blockage handling techniques metabolism is boosted.

45 min. € 89,-

Full-body massage

The crowning relaxation therapy. A massage does not only ease painful muscles tensions but also promotes mental relaxation. With this pleasure you present yourself a new sense of life full of energy and vitality.

55 min. € 98,-

Foot reflexology

A soothing massage, using thumb and finger pressure, especially on the soles of the feet, enabling positive effects on various different organs in the body.

25 min. € 48,-
40 min. € 67,-

Facial massage

Already the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks knew about the positive effects of facial massages. Thanks to gentle stroking and massage techniques wrinkles are prevented, the blood flow and lymphatic flow are increased, muscles are eased and the elasticity of the skin is improved. You feel more calm and the skin is regenerated and rejuvenated.

25 min. € 40,-

Facial lymph drainage

A gentle and relaxing technique, influencing the drainage - as the name suggests - of lymph substances. With muscle loosening effects, just the right thing after a strenuous day.

Face only

25 min. € 50,-
55 min. € 90,-

Hot Stones

At this holistic therapist massage of the indigenous people of Arizona the whole body is treated with hot lava stones along the energy centres at first and afterwards the body is rubbed with oils. In this way metabolism is improved and the whole body is detoxified and purged.

55 min. € 95,-

Honey massage

Enjoy the sensual experience with honey, combined with a relaxing wellness massage. Honey soaks up the toxins which developed in your body in the course of the years, e.g. due to medicines or wrong nutrition. Honey absorbs these toxins from your body and in this way also revitalises the whole organism, purges the body and helps with health problems concerning blood circulation and immune system. It protects and gives moisture, prevents skin aging, nurtures and cleanses.

55 min. € 99,-

California massage

The California Full Body Massage is recommended for all people who want to experience relaxation and security. This gentle, integrative and holistic massage is very „flowing“ in its application and helps to leave stress, tension, everyday life and stressful feelings behind. 

50 min. € 88,-

Anti cellulite massage

The ideal treatment for fast and visible effects concering cellulite. We use PHYTOSONIC, ADIPOSLIM and ADIPOLES. 

40 min. € 60,-

Cosmetic treatments in Lech

Cosmetic treatments
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Refreshment, vitality, recreation

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