Bregenz Festival: Verdi
Bregenz Festival

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The capital of Vorarlberg


Bregenz - the capital of Vorarlberg - is just an one hour drive from Lech and offers many cool sights. Moreover, the city is definitely worth a visit also thanks to its beautiful location at Lake Constance.


The Vorarlberg Museum

This architectural masterpiece is a contemporary museum which deals with the history and presence of the western state Vorarlberg. The most popular objects of the Vorarlberg Museum are more than 150,000 artefacts from art, history, folklore studies and archeology. The most distinctive characteristic of the museum is the big panorama window. It offers a marvellous view to Lake Constance and the Lindau waterside.

The Vorarlberg Museum - history meets presence!


The Kunsthaus Bregenz ('Art House')

The Kunsthaus Bregenz ranks among the world's most signifcant museums of contemporary architecture - and that's not for nothing. The building which is made of glass plates, steel and poured concrete appears like a light fixture from the outside and represents an exceptional exhibition venue for artistic masterpieces.

The Kunsthaus Bregenz - an extraordinary building!


The Bregenz Festival

The absolute cultural experience at Lake Constance! Every year around 200,000 spectators visit the Bregenz Festival in July and August every year to admire the plays and the open-air stage which is built above the water surface.

The Bregenz Festival - THE cultural highlight



Lake Constance & the island Mainau

Lake Constance turns the city Bregenz into something very special. Not only the Bregenz Festival, which takes place in summer, but also the magnificent sunsets at the lakeside and numerous cool activities at Lake Constance bestow this city an almost Mediterranean flair. We definitely recommend a boat trip on Lake Constance in combination with a visit of the island Mainau. Enjoy a wonderful day trip to the 'isle of flowers' and be amazed by the brilliant play of colours of more than 12,000 roses.

Lake Constance - Experience "More" of Bregenz

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