Coffee and cake in the Lecher Stube
Cakes & pastries from our own bakery
Sweets from our bakery in Lech
Cakes and pastries from our own bakery
Café Gotthard
Café Gotthard in Lech

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The aroma of warm apple strudel and roasted beans

Café Gotthard in Lech

Every day our diligent employees of the confectioner prepare delicious, classy Austrian pastries and specialities. During your holidays in Lech indulging is allowed - or would there be anyone who would have something against a cup of coffee or a piece of cake? Those of you who rather like it hearty can also order a snack and enjoy it in the café or at the sunny terrace.

Do not forget to order a delicious bread before departing. Lech guests love our bread and take it with them all over the world.

Coffee & cake in the Café Gotthard in Lech

Homemade bread from the bakery Lech

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